Item# 7001
Updates:  If the adoption is a gift for someone else, please fill out the following information- Adoptee's Name: Adoptee's Address: Adoptee's Email:

The above information will only be used to send the updates from your adopted turtles. The first update will arrive 4 months after initial adoption. The initial adoption packet will be sent to the address entered in "Ship to" when checking out.

"Happy to meet you! I知 Bender. I知 one of the rarest species of sea turtles on Earth! In 2005, a boat hit me so hard that now I float if I don稚 have a weight on my shell. My left front flipper had to be amputated as well. I知 rarely found at the surface unless it痴 time for breakfast! I LOVE squid with shrimp stuffed inside them. Sometimes the barracuda is too fast and it steals my food. After breakfast I dive to the deepest, darkest place to keep the other turtles from bothering me. Some people think I look like a ghost in the water because I知 a grayish-white color all over. Look fast! If you see me, I値l be gone in a flash!"