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While there are agencies that monitor sea turtle populations and their habitat, there are no state or federal agencies to rehabilitate injured or sick sea turtles. Many injured or sick sea turtles can be helped. The Turtle Hospital was opened in Marathon, Florida in 1986 to meet this need. The hospital has four main goals:

  1. (1) Rehabilitate sick or injured sea turtles and return them to the wild.
  2. (2) Educate the public through outreach programs.
  3. (3) Conduct and assist with sea turtle research in conjunction with state universities.
  4. (4) Work for environmental legislation to make the coast and water safe for sea turtles.

The sea turtle is a magnificent creature whose populations have seen better times. All of the seven species are now listed under the Endangered Species Act. There is a real possibility that some or all may become extinct in the next hundred years. They need all the help they can get to ensure their legacy will continue through future generations. We can do our work thanks to the interest and generosity of people like you. We are a completely non-profit organization, so all proceeds from your purchase go straight to the care of our turtles. Thank you so much for your support. Be sure to check out the hospital website for more information on the facility and our patients.

Thanks again!

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The Turtle Hospital
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